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Want a paper towel better than the rest for less money? Try our silver medal winning paper towels. You’ll never buy from you convenience store again.

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Laundry detergent

We have the laundry detergent you need. In convenient 5 gallon packages

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Infinite Maintenance Supplies, Inc. is a wholesale hardware and building maintenance supplier established in 2015. We take pride in our exceptional service. Owner and founder Gregory Green has experience servicing clients in Alabama, Florida, and Illinois.

Infinite Maintenance Supplies, Inc. works directly with a wide range of industries from commercial businesses and the hospitality industry, to state government and private corporations. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution and dedicate the time it takes to learn about each individual facility.

But the employees and the residents in the states wondered why we couldn’t bring the high quality products we sell and the customer service to them. Well we answered their call, and this the first website¬† offering the same advantages to households that Infinate Maintenance Supplies has offered to its commercial customers. IMS where you can get the same customer service and reasonable prices on our household cleaning supplies that our commercial clients get on their supplies

Infinite Maintenance Supplies, Inc. is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certified Vendor with Illinois Department of Transportation.

Let us help you find the products you need and provide assistance in managing large, long-term projects.



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